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Revotec are the UK distributors for COMEX Europe who specialise in the manufacture of 12v and 24v Electronic Cooling Fans as original equipment and for the aftermarket making them the perfect upgrade to any classic vehicle.
Retrofit cooling kits are engineered to fit and cool your classic perfectly.

  • Supplied complete with all necessary fittings and fixing to complete an electronic fan conversion on your classic.
  • Engineered to fit without any permanent modifications and utilising original radiator mountings.
  • Easy to install with basic hand tools
  • Latest fan and controller technology used together for the ultimate cooling package.

Revotec fan kits are a popular choice for those looking to upgrade their vehicle's cooling system. These fan kits are designed to provide improved cooling performance, which can be especially important for high-performance or heavily modified vehicles.

One of the benefits of Revotec fan kits is their versatility. They can be used on a wide range of vehicles, from classic cars to modern sports cars. Additionally, the kits are available in different sizes and configurations to suit different cooling needs. This means that regardless of your vehicle or cooling requirements, there is likely a Revotec fan kit that can provide the necessary cooling power.

Revotec fan kits also offer improved efficiency over stock cooling systems. The fans are designed to move more air through the radiator, which helps to dissipate heat more effectively. This can lead to lower engine temperatures and improved engine performance.

Installation of a Revotec fan kit is relatively straightforward, and the kits come with all necessary hardware and instructions. This means that even those with limited mechanical experience should be able to install the kit without difficulty.

Overall, if you're looking to improve the cooling performance of your vehicle, a Revotec fan kit is a great option. With their versatility, efficiency, and ease of installation, they offer a great value for any vehicle enthusiast.