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Part N° 185.889NEG

B-SMG-VERT 185.889NEG MG Midget 1964-80 spare parts

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B-SMG-VERT Coolant improvements spare parts

Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: The Revotec Fan is engineered for superior cooling efficiency, effectively dissipating heat to maintain optimal engine temperature, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding conditions. Increased Power and Performance: By regulating engine temperature, the Revotec Fan contributes to improved power and performance, enhancing horsepower and torque for spirited driving or racing. Customizable Fan Control: Offering manual or automatic fan control options, the Revotec Fan allows you to adjust fan speed to match cooling requirements, providing flexibility for varying driving conditions. Easy Installation Process: Designed for convenience, installation is straightforward with the fan fitting seamlessly into the original position, aided by a comprehensive kit and detailed instructions for hassle-free setup. Compact Size and Lightweight: Meticulously crafted to be compact and lightweight, the Revotec Fan integrates seamlessly into the engine bay without compromising space or aesthetics, enhancing vehicle performance and agility. Specifications: Material: High-quality materials ensure durability and performance. Airflow Capacity: Powerful airflow capability for efficient heat dissipation. Control Options: Manual or automatic control for personalized cooling management. Fitment: Specifically designed to fit Sprite or Midget (64-68) with negative vertical flow radiator, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation. Weight: Lightweight construction minimizes impact on vehicle weight distribution, preserving balance and handling characteristics.

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MG Midget 1964-80Coolant improvements
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