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Part N° 185.889NEG

B-SMG-VERT 185.889NEG MG Midget 1964-80 spare parts

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B-SMG-VERT Coolant improvements spare parts

This Revotec Fan is a remarkable cooling solution that brings a host of benefits to your cherished Sprite or Midget (-68) with a negative vertical flow radiator. Designed to optimize performance and enhance cooling efficiency, this fan offers a range of advantages that will undoubtedly elevate your driving experience. Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: The Revotec Fan is specifically engineered to deliver superior cooling efficiency, ensuring optimal engine temperature even under demanding conditions. Its high-powered airflow capability effectively dissipates heat, safeguarding your engine from potential overheating issues. This fan's exceptional cooling performance ensures that your Sprite or Midget can run smoothly and reliably, even during those scorching summer drives or spirited laps around the track. Increased Power and Performance: By effectively regulating engine temperature, the Revotec Fan contributes to improved power and performance. Ensuring that your engine stays within its optimal temperature range allows it to operate at peak efficiency, resulting in enhanced horsepower and torque. Whether you're a spirited driver or a racing enthusiast, the Revotec Fan can provide that extra boost you've been seeking. Customizable Fan Control: The Revotec Fan offers customizable control options, allowing you to tailor its operation to your specific needs. With a choice of manual or automatic fan control, you can adjust the fan's speed to match the cooling requirements of your Sprite or Midget. This flexibility ensures that your engine receives the ideal cooling, regardless of the driving conditions or external temperatures. Easy Installation Process: Installing the Revotec Fan in your Sprite or Midget is a straightforward process, designed with convenience in mind. The fan is specifically designed to fit seamlessly into the original fan position, eliminating the need for extensive modifications or alterations. The comprehensive installation kit, along with detailed instructions, ensures a hassle-free experience, even for those with limited mechanical expertise. Compact Size and Lightweight: The Revotec Fan is meticulously crafted to be compact and lightweight, ensuring minimal impact on the overall weight distribution of your Sprite or Midget. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates into the engine bay, without compromising space or aesthetics. This lightweight construction further enhances the vehicle's performance and agility, allowing you to enjoy a responsive and nimble driving experience

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