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Extra Services

  • Hard to find parts? | Webshop Anglo Parts

    Hard to find parts?

    Some parts are very hard to come by, as they are no longer produced and the second-hand market is dwindeling.
    If you absolutely need a certain part that is hard to find, please contact your local salesperson and we will try to find the part you need. In many cases this is second hand and will need revising and renovating. When contacting your local salesperson, please mention the Anglo Parts catalogue, page N° and Part N° Anglo Parts will do it’s very best to find the part for you, and sometimes we get lucky.

    Contact your local dealer for more info:
  • Seat cover fitting services | Webshop Anglo Parts

    Seat cover fitting services

    If your purchase a full trim kit from us, but you want us to fit the seat covers, No problem.
    Your old seats will be needed and covered with the trim kit of your choice in our trim shop. Prices and delivery times for covering your seats depend on materials, seat types and condition of your original seats. Please contact your local salesperson for more info.

    Contact your local dealer for more info:
  • Wiper motor repair service | Webshop Anglo Parts

    Wiper motor repair service

    Send your old wiper motor to us and we will take care of a perfect restoration.
    Your wiper motor will get a job number and warranty number. You will get your own wiper motor back after repair.

    Please call your local Anglo Parts store for more information on this service. Not all wiper motors can be restored, but we will always try to find a solution when possible.

    Contact your local dealer for more info:
  • 'LUCAS' distributor rebuilding service | Webshop Anglo Parts

    'LUCAS' distributor rebuilding service

    The distributor is one of the most essential parts on the car but often overlooked. Having an incorrect advance curve can cause great damage to your engine.

    A complete rebuild takes between one and three months, so please send your distributor as soon as possible during your restoration project. All our rebuilds are to the original specifications*

    Each rebuild undergoes the following:

    • Stripping entirely and removing of old bushes
    • Shaft, weights, cam and base plate tested for wear and replaced as needed
    • Bead blasting of the distributors bare body
    • Zinc plating af all metal components
    • Vacuum unit repaired to O.E. specifications
    • Assembling and lubrication
    • New components fitted such as rotor, condenser, contact points and cap
    • Set up to original manufacturer’s specifications advance curve
    • Final diagnostic testing to ensure operation conforms to O.E. specifications

    * Each distributor has its own specification number stamped into the body aswell as the model number. This specification number refers to the advance curve, the weights and springs and the vacumn unit type.

    Contact your local dealer for more info: