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Classic Mini parts

Vintage Mini Cooper parked in city streets

Complete range of Classic Mini parts

With an extensive selection of top-notch Classic Mini Parts, most of which are readily available, we're dedicated to providing your cherished Mini the attention and authenticity it deserves. As a British Motor Heritage-certified company, we supply parts crafted to meet the original manufacturer’s specifications and designs, preserving the true essence of your Mini. Our collection caters to various British classic Mini models, ensuring that each one maintains its timeless charm and performance.
Overview of our Classic Mini models

We offer a complete range of Mini parts, encompassing interior and exterior components, body panels or seats, dashboards or rims, all guaranteed for their authenticity. In addition, we provide a detailed and clear catalogue, featuring exploded-view-drawing both online and offline. This aids you in choosing your required part, and we also provide personal assistance via dedicated customer service. Can't find what you're looking for? Get in touch with us!

Recognised Supplier of Mini Classic Car parts

Anglo Parts, your expert guide in your search for New Mini Parts

Are you in search of quality for your classic Mini? Anglo Parts nv has what you're looking for! Recognized as a specialist by British Motor Heritage, we hold a wide range of vintage car parts for your Mini, Mini Cooper, Mini Clubman and Mini Moke from 1969-2000. Let your quest for the best authentic parts for your Mini come to a halt. Whether you need engine parts to keep your Mini running smoothly, or unique body parts to maintain the classic look, we've got it all

Maintaining a classic car entails more than just replacing parts, it's about respecting the heritage and preserving the car's essence, something we understand at Anglo Parts nv. Isn't it wonderful to own a classic Mini that not only looks authentic, but also runs smoothly? Your classic Mini deserves the very best, and we are more than willing to assist you in your search for the best parts for your classic vehicle.

Our goal is to ensure that as the owner of a classic Mini, you have access to the absolute best parts in the market. Our extensive inventory offers everything necessary for a worry-free ride. Everything your Mini needs for a second, radiant life.
At Anglo Parts nv, we are all about quality. Every part we have in stock has been extensively tested and approved according to the strictest EU standards. The quality is guaranteed by our suppliers, who are often global leaders in their field. This assures you that with us, you only get parts of the highest quality, parts that contribute to the authenticity and performance of your Mini.

We understand that finding parts for a classic car can sometimes be challenging, that's why our team of specialists is always ready to offer you advice. A classic Mini is not just a vehicle but an icon, a testament to the strong heritage of British cars. With Anglo Parts nv at your side, your Mini will continue to carry this honour.

Besides advice, we also provide services. We collaborate with the best vintage car specialists/garages with years of experience in maintaining and restoring your Mini. Like to have your Mini reupholstered or have your dashboard instruments or engine parts revised? We have the best addresses. Give us a call and we are glad to assist you in your search for a specialist.

Don't wait any longer! Choose Anglo Parts nv today, and enjoy the satisfaction of choosing from an extensive catalogue with detailed exploded view drawings full of possibilities. Give your Mini the love it deserves. Start your visit to our online shop and discover our range! Enter the world of quality options and possibilities. With more than 40 years of experience in supplying classic Mini parts (and other classic car brands), we have built up a broad network of Mini specialist around the world. We are continuously improving our product range, looking for the best solution for your Mini. This makes us the number 1 specialist and go-to destination for all your classic Mini Parts and accessories. Let your Mini shine with parts that perfectly suit your Mini and continue to enjoy the unique experiences of owning and driving a classic Mini. Shop for parts now!

FAQ's: Questions from classic Mini owners seeking parts for their classic Mini
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What guarantees do you provide on the quality and authenticity of your parts for a classic Mini? We guarantee that all our parts are at least as good as the original factory standards (OEM), which ensures both quality and authenticity. We source our parts from reliable suppliers. We’re also the proud owner of a British Motor Heritage certificate. This means we have official recognition by the authority and THE source of knowledge (Keeper of all original working drawings, photos and documentation) from the British classic car industry.

2. If you are approved by British Motor Heritage, what does that approval mean for me? As an approved specialist of British Motor Heritage (For Mini, Triumph, MG, and Morris Minor) this means we are recognized for our expertise and commitment to preserving the heritage of classic Minis by the reference for authenticity of classic British cars in the classic car world. So, you can trust that you will receive high-quality, genuine parts and services that meet stringent standards.

3. How extensive is your range of parts for classic Minis? We offer one of the most extensive ranges of parts for classic Minis, with everything from mechanical components to body panels, so you can find pretty much everything you need for your classic Mini.

4. Can I contact you for advice on maintaining and restoring my Mini? Absolutely. Our team of classic Mini enthusiasts and experts are always ready to provide advice and guidance on maintaining and restoring your Mini to its original glory. We also have a network of specialist we can contact on case you are in need of some assistance.

5. How easy is it to find specific parts on your website? Our website is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, with a robust search function and detailed categories to quickly help you locate the specific parts you need.

6. Do you also supply specific parts for the engine, bodywork, suspension, steering and electrical systems of a classic Mini? Yes, we provide a wide range of parts for all major systems of a classic Mini, including engine parts, bodywork panels, suspension, steering and electrical systems.

7. What about the safety in the design of your brake and exhaust components for a classic Mini? Safety is our top priority. Our parts, components and accessories are designed and tested by our experienced suppliers with decades of experience to match or even exceed safety standards, allowing you to rely on performance and safety.

8. How do I know which part to buy for my Mini, and how can I be sure it's the correct part? You can use our catalogue (online or printed version) to find and order parts by model and year of construction. You can also find all parts in our catalogue (PDF). Our hundreds of exploded-view diagrams make it easy to locate the part you need. If you're not sure about the part you need, our customer service is here to help you verify that the parts you've chosen perfectly fit your Mini.

9. What about shipping, especially internationally? We offer fast and reliable shipping options worldwide. International orders are carefully packed and shipped with reputable carriers to ensure a safe and timely delivery.

10. What if I can't find a specific part for my classic Mini on your website? If you cannot find a part on our site, please contact us immediately. Our team will assist you in locating the part or advise you on possible alternatives to meet your needs.

Why choose Anglo Parts nv as your trusted Mini parts supplier?

  • • British Motor Heritage 
  • • Personal contact/specialist
  • • Classic Mini expertise
  • • Restoration expertise
  • • Fast delivery
Classic Mini Headlight Close-up
Classic Mini badges: Mini Cooper and Mini Clubman badges
Classic Mini Cooper 850 parked in front of carport
British classic car parts

Beyond Classic Mini, our range extends to a wide variety of parts for other legendary British classic car brands, including MG, Triumph, Jaguar, and others. Our inventory also features a diverse array of British tools and accessories tailored for many classic car models within our collection.

Explore our full assortment by clicking the button below to visit our landing page, where you’ll find detailed catalogues for all the brands we support, showcasing the parts and accessories we offer.

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