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Triumph oldtimer spare parts

Vintage Triumph TR5 classic car photograph

Your Source for Triumph Oldtimer Spares

As a company recognized by British Motor Heritage, we proudly demonstrate our dedication to maintaining and celebrating the iconic Triumph tradition. This esteemed certification attests that our Triumph classic car parts are crafted following the original specifications and designs from the original manufacturer. With every component you obtain from us, you can trust in the faithful adherence to the unparalleled quality and precision associated with Triumph, ensuring the preservation of the genuine character of your classic Triumph TR, Spitfire, Sedan, Stag, or Dolomite vehicle.
Discover our Range of Triumph Oldtimer Parts

 Sparing no expense, we house a vast range of superior quality Triumph oldtimer spare parts, with most of them readily available in stock for your convenience. The essential components we offer are tailored for various classic Triumph car models. We have all the parts you need. Ranging from interior to exterior, engine parts or accessories. We have all the knowledge, a complete catalogue with accompanying diagrams and exploded-view drawings to help you on your way in your search for the right part(s). Still can't find what you need? Contact us!

Quality and Authenticity: Our Guarantee as Triumph Oldtimer Spare Parts Supplier

Why Choose Anglo Parts NV for Your Classic Triumph?

Authenticity is Our Core Value: The true essence of classic cars lies in their originality. Our spare parts are not just ordinary; they are meticulously crafted or sourced by our trusted suppliers to precisely match the original specifications of your Triumph. We understand the unique allure of classic cars and are committed to preserving it.

 British Motor Heritage Approval: We are honoured to be recognised as British Motor Heritage-approved specialists, a mark of distinction that guarantees the quality and authenticity of our spare parts. This approval makes us a trusted distributor of spare parts and accessories for Triumph (as well as MG, Mini, and Morris Minor) according to the highest standards in the British classic car industry.

At Anglo Parts NV, we offer a comprehensive range of Triumph spare parts. Within our extensive catalogue, you'll find everything needed to keep your Triumph TR3 performing at its best:

Engine Components: From pistons to cylinder heads, our wide selection of engine components ensures your Triumph TR3 remains in prime condition.

Suspension and Steering: Enjoy smooth and precise handling with our high-quality suspension and steering parts, maintaining the driving experience that made the Triumph TR3 a classic.

Electrical Systems: Our top-tier electrical systems, including switches and wiring harnesses, guarantee that your Triumph TR3 functions exactly as designed.

Brakes and Clutch: We offer premium brake and clutch components to provide reliable stopping power and seamless gear changes, enhancing your driving pleasure.

Beyond Spare Parts: The Anglo Parts NV Advantage
Expert Advice and Support: We are more than just suppliers; we are fellow enthusiasts who understand the complexities of classic cars. We are delighted to offer expert advice and support to help you make the best choices for your Triumph TR3.

Global Shipping: No matter where you are, our global shipping service ensures you receive your genuine Triumph TR3 spare parts. We take the hassle out of finding quality components for your classic car.

In summary, if you are dedicated to maintaining the legacy of your Triumph TR3, Anglo Parts NV is your ideal partner. Our unwavering commitment to authenticity, British Motor Heritage approval, and extensive spare parts range make us the preferred choice among classic car enthusiasts.

Is your Triumph classic car experiencing issues with brakes, clutch, or suspension? Could high-quality spare parts enhance its performance? It’s time to upgrade with Triumph old-timer spare parts from Anglo Parts NV. Shop today and don’t miss out on the durability and excellence we offer.
Why should you trust Anglo Parts nv as your supplier?

  • • British Motor Heritage Certificate
  • • Personal contact/specialist
  • • More than 40 years of expertise
  • • Restoration expertise
  • • Fast delivery
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Image of Triumph classic car parts and accessories.
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