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Classic Jaguar parts

Piezas de repuesto para vehículos antiguos Jaguar en Anglo Parts Webshop

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We proudly showcase our commitment to preserving and honouring the legendary Jaguar heritage. Our Jaguar classic car parts are meticulously manufactured to meet the original specifications and designs set by the original manufacturer. With each part you acquire from us, you can be confident in its authentic adherence to the superior quality and precision synonymous with Jaguar, ensuring your classic Jaguar XK, E-type, Daimler, XJ6-12, or XJS retains its true essence and character.
We have parts for these Jaguar Oldtimer Models

At Anglo Parts nv, we spare no effort in providing an extensive selection of top-quality Jaguar classic car parts. With a vast inventory readily available, we cater to a range of iconic Jaguar models, ensuring you find the essential components you need. Our comprehensive collection includes everything from interior and exterior parts to engine components and accessories. If you can't locate what you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you find the right parts to keep your classic Jaguar in pristine condition.

High-quality Classic Jaguar Parts at Anglo Parts nv

Why Choose parts from Anglo Parts NV for Your Jaguar oldtimer maintenance or repair?

Experience the quality and premium selection of Classic Jaguar parts at Anglo Parts nv. We are your ultimate destination for Jaguar oldtimer parts, delivering top-tier goods for legendary Jaguar models such as XK120-140-150, MKII, E-Type 3.8 - 4.2. - 5.3. V12, and XJ6-12/Daimler Sovereign, D6. Witness how we've turned a profession into passion, bringing together Jaguar classic aficionados under one roof.

Want to attune your Jaguar to its former glory days? Consider the magnificence of an expertly crafted Jaguar classic; it does not get any better than this. Embrace your love for classic cars with our selection of spare parts tailor-made for your treasured possession.

What gives Anglo Parts an edge over the rest? Every product in our catalogue is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity. The precision of our aftermarket parts, coupled with the authenticity of our reproductions or genuine dealer spare parts, solely raises the standard. Each piece is carefully scrutinised, ensuring they meet the rigorous industry standards. Anglo Parts champion unabated to serve you with nothing short of excellence for your Jaguar oldtimer.

Have you been seeking elusive engine components, body parts, or interior accessories for your Jaguar old timer? Delve into our extensive collection of spare parts. At Anglo Parts nv, we envelop you in a stress-free and satisfying shopping experience. Our platform is intuitively designed to guide you smoothly from the homepage to the checkout process.

More than just a spare parts supplier, we aim to be a reference when it comes to preserving the rich legacy of your Jaguar. Our team of well-acquainted experts dedicate to support and guidance on everything, right from selecting the perfect spare part to maintenance and restoration projects.

Pondering over a restoration project can be challenging. With Anglo Parts nv by your side, expert advice is just an email or phone call away. We pledge to provide exceptional customer support, because we believe in building enduring relationships with our customers. We also have a broad network of classic Jaguar specialists that we can contact for any technical, electrical or mechanical problem and we know a thing or two about maintaining or restoring a classic Jaguar ourselves. Visit our extra services page for more info about ur services.

Don't let anything keep your Jaguar off the road for long. At Anglo Parts nv, our efficient logistics ensure a swift and reliable shipping process. We ensure your Classic Jaguar parts reach your doorstep at the earliest invariably.

Authenticity, quality, and client support – the defining traits of Anglo Parts nv. Partner with us in your journey towards preserving and maintaining your British heritage.

Shop now for classic Jaguar parts.

The most frequently asked questions related to shopping for Jaguar Oldtimer Parts at Anglo Parts nv
1. What are the most popular classic Jaguar parts that you sell at Anglo Parts nv?
At Anglo Parts nv, the most sought-after classic Jaguar parts typically include essential maintenance and restoration items such as:
Engine components like gasket sets, oil filters, spark plugs, ... Body fittings including rubbers, bolts and nuts. Interior parts such as upholstery, dashboard components. Electrical systems encompassing wiring, lighting components, and ignition systems. Brake systems including brake discs, calipers, and brake lines. These parts are crucial for preserving the authenticity and operational condition of classic Jaguars.

2. Which Jaguar parts for the XK120-140-150 (1949-1961) models do you currently have in stock?
Currently, Anglo Parts nv stocks a wide range of parts for the Jaguar XK120, XK140, and XK150 models, including:
Engine components like cylinder heads, carburettors, and exhaust systems. Transmission parts such as gearboxes and clutches. Brake and suspension components including brake cylinders, pads, and shock absorbers. Body and trim parts like bonnets, fenders, and chrome trim.
Electrical parts such as alternators, starters, and ignition systems. These parts help owners keep their classic Jaguars in peak condition.

3. What types of parts do you offer for the Jaguar MKII, 240-340 / Daimler V8 (1959-1969) models?
For the Jaguar MKII, 240-340, and Daimler V8 models from 1959-1969, Anglo Parts nv offers a comprehensive range of parts including:
Brake systems like brake calipers, discs, and master cylinders. Interior components such as carpeting, door panels, and seat covers. Engine parts including carburettors, oil filters, and coolant pumps. Body parts encompassing fenders, bumpers, and grille panels. Electrical systems like wiring harnesses, fuses, and lighting components.

These parts are essential for restoration projects and routine maintenance of these classic models.

For a full overview of available parts go to our Jaguar MKII webshop page.

4. Does Anglo Parts nv have original or replica parts for the Jaguar E-type 3.8 - 4.2 - 5.3 V12 (1961-1974) models?
Anglo Parts nv provides high-quality aftermarket products, high-quality reproductions or genuine official dealer spare parts and accessories for the Jaguar E-type models (3.8, 4.2, and 5.3 V12) from 1961-1974. All of the parts are carefully manufactured to meet excellent quality standards according to the original documentation and specifications of the original manufacturer. This ensures that your E-type retains its authentic appearance and performance, regardless of the parts you choose.

5. What should I know about maintaining classic Jaguar parts?
When maintaining classic Jaguar parts, it is important to: Conduct regular inspections to detect wear and damage early. Use quality lubricants and fluids approved for classic vehicles. Utilise original or high-quality replacement parts to preserve your Jaguar's performance and value. Ensure proper storage of parts, especially during long periods of inactivity, to prevent corrosion and degradation. Anglo Parts nv offers expert advice and the right parts to support the maintenance of your classic Jaguar.

6. What guarantees or return policies do you offer on your Jaguar parts?
Anglo Parts nv provides a warranty on most of their parts, according to the policy of the supplier, which varies depending on the product type. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and material faults. Additionally, they have a customer-friendly return policy that complies with European consumer laws, allowing customers to return unwanted or defective products within a specified period, typically 14 days after receipt, provided the items are in their original condition. For more information see package of the purchased product. More info about our return policy can be found here: https://www.angloparts.com/en/info/returns

7. Do you offer technical support or advice when purchasing Jaguar parts from Anglo Parts nv?
Yes, Anglo Parts nv offers extensive technical support and advice to customers purchasing Jaguar parts. Their team of experts is available to assist in selecting the right parts and provides guidance on installation and compatibility issues. They also offer detailed product information and technical manuals to help customers correctly install the parts.

8. What are the payment and shipping options when buying Jaguar parts from Anglo Parts nv?
At Anglo Parts nv, you can pay using a variety of secure methods, including: Credit cards, (Visa, MasterCard), PayPal, Bank transfers.

We also provide several shipping options, varying based on destination and order size. Customers can choose between standard shipping or expedited delivery services. Shipping costs are calculated based on the order and the chosen shipping method.

9. How can I check if a specific part fits my Jaguar XJ6-12/Daimler Sovereign, D6 (1968-1992) model?
You can verify the compatibility of parts for your Jaguar XJ6-12/Daimler Sovereign D6 by consulting the detailed catalogues from Anglo Parts nv, which cover specific model years and variants. The website also provides comprehensive diagrams and technical descriptions. For added assurance, you can contact their technical support team, who can help confirm the suitability of the part for your vehicle.

10. Are there currently any offers or discounts on classic Jaguar parts at Anglo Parts nv?
Anglo Parts nv regularly features offers and discounts on classic Jaguar parts. For the latest promotions and special deals subscribe to our newsletter. This way, you will stay informed about the newest deals and savings on parts and accessories.

Why should you trust Anglo Parts nv as your supplier?

  • • British Motor Heritage Certificate
  • • Personal contact/specialist
  • • More than 40 years of expertise
  • • Restoration expertise
  • • Fast delivery
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Image of a collection of classic Jaguar car parts. Moto-Lita steering wheel. CSI ignition, Wosp starter motor, E-type badges. E-type taillight, ...
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