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Part N° 185.888NEG

B-AH100/4 185.888NEG Austin Healey 100-4/6 & 3000 1953-1968 spare parts

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B-AH100/4 Coolant improvements spare parts

The Revotec fan is designed to replace the original mechanical fan found in the Jaguar E-Type Series 1 or add it as a second cooling system, converting the electrical system to negative earth. The negative earth configuration allows for compatibility with modern electronic components and accessories. The fan operates on a 12-volt electrical system and utilizes an electric motor to circulate air through the radiator. Installing the Revotec fan requires some basic mechanical skills and tools. The process typically involves removing the existing mechanical fan and replacing it with the Revotec fan assembly. The installation may also require mounting brackets and wiring connections to be fitted properly. It is crucial to follow the provided instructions carefully to ensure a correct installation. The Revotec fan is designed to fit within the space allocated for the original mechanical fan. The dimensions are specifically tailored to the Jaguar E-Type Series 1, ensuring a proper fit without the need for significant modifications to the vehicle's cooling system. When it comes to weight, the Revotec fan is generally lighter than the original mechanical fan it replaces. This reduction in weight can potentially provide a small performance benefit by reducing the load on the engine, thereby improving overall efficiency. An installation guide is included inside the kit.

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Austin Healey 100-4/6 & 3000 1953-1968Coolant improvements