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About our workshop manuals
Our workshop manuals contain an indispensable source of information relating to your British classic car. You will find herein the original information with accompanying drawings published by British Motor Heritage with information compiled by the original manufacturer, but in an Anglo Parts jacket.

The workbooks have been compiled to provide dealers with the necessary information for the proper maintenance and repairs of these cars. The books also serve as a general guide for service purposes and as a manual for both skilled and less experienced mechanics.

The maintenance works mentioned in the chapters must be carried out in accordance with intervals indicated in the service manual or instruction booklet.

What can you find in it?

  • All technical data of the car
  • All adjustment data and how to carry them out

Our manuals are available in the following languages:

  • English (Black cover)
  • French (Green cover)
  • Dutch (Blue cover)
  • German (Red cover)
  • Italian (Purple cover)

We use a colour code per language so that we can easily distinguish between the manuals and send you the correct version.

Please note: not all manuals are available in your language due to limited demand. If in doubt, ask our sales staff for a manual in your language.