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MG Midget 1964-80 - Belts

Belts or chains are drive components in your MG Midget which transfer torque from the engine shafts to the auxiliary assemblies such as the alternator, water pump, steering pump, air conditioning, oil pump amongst others.

Types of belts
Ribbed belt: on the inside of the belt there are special grooves wich fit perfectly in the grooves of the rollers.
V-belt: often found modern classic cars and youngtimers who have AC or the water pump.
Chain: links made by plates that are connected to moving rollers.

Malfunctions of the belt:
defective or broken belt is one of the most occurring malfunctions. Check the condition of the belt often, for MG Midget owners it is advised to check it every 1000kmHummingwhistling and grinding noises coming from the engine compartment as well as poor performance of the assemblies are signs of worn belts.

Anglo Parts only sells high-quality belts, and our belts are known fort heir durability. We only sell brands that guarantee optimal performance for your MG Midget.