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Air filters

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Air filters

Air filters
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Mini 1969-2000 - Air filters | Webshop Anglo Parts

The air filter is a part of your classic Mini Cooper air intake system. The air filter cleans dust particles out of the air, which then goes inside the engine. Airfilters are consumables which have to be replaced when they are damaged. Changing an air filter on a Mini Cooper is easy and fast and a simple do-it-yourself job with a new filter and a screwdriver.
Assessment of the air filter state is straightforward. By removing the filter from it’s case, you will immediately notice pollution or damage on the air filter. Typically, the casing is secured by screws or clips.
Check the airfilter of your Mini every 5000 – 8000km, if the filter looks clogged try to blow it out or shake out the dirt. Pay attention to any oil or liquids on the surface. If there are any, check for any damage on the radiator or oil leakage.
Faults of air filters:
Service life limit, clogging, defects of the filter material, damage to the case.
Symptoms of faulty air filters
Loss of engine power, increased noise during engine operation, hindered engine start or engine wobble, increased fuel consumption, a higher percentage of carbon monoxide in the exhaust. Black or bluish tint of exhaust gases.
We only sell high-quality parts at Anglo Parts, our air filters are known for their durability. We sell well known brands of air filters such as K&N which guarantee optimal performance for your classic MINI.