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Part N° 185.958NEG

B-DART 185.958NEG spare parts

This part is not available. Please contact your local Anglo Parts dealer if you want to receive more information about this product. Contacts
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B-DART spare parts

The Revotec fan is meticulously designed to deliver exceptional cooling efficiency, ensuring your Jaguar Daimler's engine remains at an optimal temperature even during demanding conditions. With its negative earth configuration, it seamlessly integrates with the electrical system, simplifying installation and eliminating potential compatibility issues. To begin the installation, you'll need a few tools, including a socket set, screwdrivers, and basic wiring equipment. Start by disconnecting the negative battery terminal to ensure safety. Remove the original fan assembly, making sure to disconnect any electrical connections and carefully unbolt the fan from the radiator. The Revotec fan conveniently fits into the existing fan location, providing a hassle-free installation experience. When it comes to size and weight, the Revotec fan is thoughtfully engineered to match the requirements of the Jaguar Daimler. With its compact design, it seamlessly replaces the factory fan, ensuring a perfect fit without any modifications. The lightweight construction adds minimal load to the engine, allowing for improved efficiency and performance. Beyond the ease of installation and perfect fit, the Revotec fan offers a range of benefits. Its advanced design enhances cooling efficiency, resulting in better engine performance and increased lifespan. The negative earth configuration ensures seamless integration with your Jaguar Daimler's electrical system, eliminating the need for complicated rewiring. Moreover, the Revotec fan operates quietly, providing a pleasant driving experience without compromising on cooling capability. This is especially crucial for classic car enthusiasts who value the authentic feel of their British vehicle.