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Part N° 185.927NEG

B-JXK150 185.927NEG Jaguar XK120-140-150 1949-1961 spare parts

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B-JXK150 Coolant improvements spare parts

The Revotec fan is meticulously designed to offer exceptional cooling for your Jaguar XK150, ensuring the engine remains at an optimal temperature in all conditions. Its negative earth configuration integrates smoothly with the electrical system, making installation straightforward and avoiding compatibility issues. For installation, you'll need a socket set, screwdrivers, and basic wiring tools. Begin by disconnecting the negative battery terminal for safety. Remove the old fan assembly, disconnecting all electrical connections and unbolting it from the radiator. The Revotec fan fits precisely into the original fan location, simplifying the process. Engineered to meet Jaguar XK150's specifications, the Revotec fan features OEM quality and sealed ball bearings. Its compact design allows it to replace the factory fan directly, without modifications. The lightweight construction reduces engine load, improving efficiency and performance. In addition to easy installation and perfect fit, the Revotec fan offers numerous benefits. Its advanced design increases cooling efficiency, enhancing engine performance and longevity. The negative earth configuration ensures it works seamlessly with the XK150's electrical system, eliminating the need for complex rewiring. The fan kit includes all necessary components. Furthermore, the Revotec fan operates quietly, ensuring a pleasant driving experience without compromising cooling. This is crucial for classic car enthusiasts who value the authentic feel of their British vehicle. The fan is waterproof to IP68 standards and rated for continuous use, guaranteeing durability and reliability.

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Jaguar XK120-140-150 1949-1961Coolant improvements