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Part N° 185.906NEG

B-GT6 185.906NEG Triumph Spitfire MKI-III, 4, 1500 1962-1980 spare parts

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B-GT6 Coolant improvements spare parts

This Revotec fan is a remarkable cooling solution designed specifically for GT6 vehicles, offering numerous benefits to enhance your driving experience. With its negative earth configuration, this high-performance fan provides efficient cooling and optimal engine temperature regulation. Let's explore the advantages of the Revotec fan and the essential details regarding its specifications and installation process. The Revotec fan's foremost advantage lies in its ability to maintain the engine's temperature within an ideal range, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. By swiftly dissipating heat generated during intense driving or hot weather conditions, the Revotec fan helps prevent engine overheating, safeguarding vital components and minimizing the risk of breakdowns. Its exceptional cooling efficiency ensures you can push your GT6 to its limits without compromising reliability. When it comes to specifications, the Revotec fan delivers impressive features. The fan is compatible with a negative earth system, making it an ideal fit for GT6 models. It boasts a compact design with a size that fits seamlessly into the engine bay, optimizing space utilization. Furthermore, the fan's lightweight construction minimizes the impact on your vehicle's overall weight distribution, preserving its balance and handling characteristics. Installing the Revotec fan is a straightforward process. Begin by disconnecting the battery to ensure safety during the installation. Remove the existing fan assembly, making sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Next, mount the Revotec fan securely onto the radiator using the provided brackets, aligning it properly for optimal airflow. Connect the wiring harness and route it safely away from any moving parts. Reconnect the battery, and you're ready to enjoy the benefits of the Revotec fan.

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Triumph Spitfire MKI-III, 4, 1500 1962-1980Coolant improvements