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Part N° 185.901NEG

B-MINI59-97 185.901NEG Mini 1969-2000 spare parts

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B-MINI59-97 Coolant improvements spare parts

This Revotec fan is specifically designed for MINI models manufactured between 1959 and 1997, equipped with side-mounted radiators and negative earth systems. It is engineered to deliver optimal cooling, ensuring that your engine operates at a safe temperature even under demanding conditions. One of the key advantages of the Revotec fan is its superior airflow. It generates a strong and consistent airflow, efficiently dissipating heat from the radiator. This helps prevent overheating, ensuring reliable engine performance and prolonging the lifespan of critical components. The installation process of the Revotec fan is straightforward. It comes with a comprehensive installation kit that includes all the necessary components and instructions. The fan is mounted directly onto the radiator, utilizing the existing mounting points, which eliminates the need for major modifications or alterations to your MINI. In terms of size, the Revotec fan is designed to fit perfectly within the available space in your MINI's engine bay. It is compact and lightweight, ensuring it doesn't add unnecessary bulk or weight to your vehicle. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to maintain the original aesthetic and handling characteristics of their MINI. Furthermore, the Revotec fan operates quietly and efficiently, ensuring minimal noise and power consumption. This means you can enjoy a comfortable driving experience without any distraction while benefiting from improved cooling performance.

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Mini 1969-2000Coolant improvements