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Part N° 046.204

046204 046.204 spare parts

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046204 spare parts

Wire wheel conversion kit for your Triumph TR2-3-3A-4-4A and Triumph TR2-250-5. The kit includes 16 nuts (Part number 161.123) (7/16" Conenut W/W Hub adapt), 4 hubs (Part number 042.130 and 042.131) (2x wire wheel, RH / TR + 2x wire wheel LH / TR), 4 wire wheels (Part number 046.005) (4.5" x 15", 60 spokes, Chrome / AH - MGA - MGTD - MGTF - TR2 to TR5 PRE 1968), 4 Caps (Part numbers 042.071 042.072) (2x Knock on centre caps, RH, 2 eared, 8 thread, plain, 42MM + 2x Knock on centre caps, LH, 2 eared, 8 thread, plain, 42MM), Hammer, Thor (1150gr) (Part number 042.097). MOTOR WHEEL SERVICE QUALITY ASSURANCE Each MWS wire wheel carries a quality assurance certificate. Wheels built with stainless steel spokes and nipples are covered by a full é year warranty. Standard painted wire wheels have a year cosmetic and 2 years structural warranty. These warranties do not cover the following: damage due to neglect in maintenance, during wheel/tyre mounting, balancing or installation on vehicles. Any product used for competition or fitted with non-standard tyres.

This part is also available for the following classic car models:

Triumph TR2-3-3A-4-4A 1953-1967Wheels
Triumph TR5-250-6 1967-'76Wheels