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Ordering information


The general policies of our business are printed on the reverse side of our invoices and are on our website. Updates are printed in the most recent catalogues and price lists and are updated on the website. When you order goods from us you agree with our policies and accept them. You are always free to ask for an updated publication. The most recent will succeed all previous. Please read below, the most important points. 


We are not trained automotive technicians and can not be held responsible for errors we say or write, we are enthousiasts who like to help. For technical information, we recommend you use the books listed in this catalogue. 


We have made every effort to make sure that the information in our catalogues and on our website is correct. We can not be held liable or responsible if any mistake or inaccuracy exists in specification, pricing or part number. We have the right to correct any error. The illustrations and photo’s in our catalogues and on our website are only representations, products supplied may vary from illustrations and photo’s, but will function the same way with similar quality. 


All parts ( or sets of parts ) have our own part number and refer to one item only. THE QUANTITY REQUIRED (“QTY”) stands for the quantity used for particular application. The quantity you order can be different and should be marked when you order. Parts not available new, might be available in second hand condition. These second hand parts are not always listed on the website or in our price lists. Information will be sent to you on request. Prices shown on the website and in the price lists are for one item and information only and are subject to change without prior notice. Prices on the website can be seen with or without VAT (21 %) depending on your choice. Price lists supplied with the catalogues can exclude or include local VAT, the percentage is indicated on each price list. Part numbers are made from six figures. The first three figures will indicate the nature of the part. For example 161 stands for nuts, 162 for screws, 163 for washers, etc. The condition of the part we sell is indicated on the website and in the price list. The following codes will appear on the website in the catalogue parts lists and on the price lists supplied with catalogues, near the number, for the parts which are.. SH - Second Hand, EX - supplied on an EXCHANGE BASIS, and a SURCHARGE will be invoiced. NA - Currently NOT AVAILABLE. LH - Left Hand or RH - Right Hand. Always viewed from the drivers seat. LHD - left Hand Drive, RHD Right Hand Drive, A/R - AS REQUESTED, means the quantity required can vary from application to application. USE - the part number has been replaced by an other part number indicated. 


Orders are welcome through the WEBSITE, E-MAIL, FAX, LETTER, TELEPHONE or by visiting a Anglo-Parts branch. For orders not made through our Website, can we please ask you to prepair the following, using our ORDER FORM. 
- Your CUSTOMER NUMBER , name, address, telephone number work/home, fax number, codice fiscale (for Italian customers only) or VAT number for european companies. 
- Specify if shipping adress is different. 
- CAR TYPE INFORMATION, make, model, year build etc. 
- Provide Anglo Parts PART NUMBERS only. 
- Indicate the quantity desired and parts description. 
- Indicate method of payment: VISA, MASTER CARD, EURO CARD or advance payment by bank. 
- Once an order placed, we put this in the computer system and the processing of lables, lists and checking lists will follow. Changing an order already placed, will hold up the whole system and automatically cause delays, we therefore ask for your help by checking your order twice prior to send it to us. This will help us deliver the parts in time. Thank you for your understanding.


CREDIT CARDS: At this time of writing, we accept the following credit cards: VISA, MASTER CARD, EURO CARD. Please supply credit card number ( mostly 16 figures ), expiring date and name as appears on the card. 
BANK: When your merchandise is being picked, packed in boxes, weighed and sized, the invoice will be made and we inform you of the total amount to be paid, invoice (Not for Website) number and our bank references. Please note the invoice number and your customer number with any payment you do. 


NATIONAL: We deliver door to door and goods including the transport costs must be paid at delivery C.O.D., if a credit card was not used. 
INTERNATIONAL: We ship UPS prepaid, for small parcels. The only cost still to be paid at reception might be your local TAX. For large or heavy parcels we use an economical and fast transport method. ANGLO PARTS packs its boxes very well and the risk of receiving damaged goods is very small, however the following must be noted. Anglo Parts will not be held responsible for goods lost or damaged in transit. For shortage or damage claims not caused by the transporter, a claim must be made within three days of receipt of the order. All packing materials should be retained. Transport of glass in not insurable and will be transported at your own risk. 


For all shipments, by arrival, please check that no seal or tape is broken and the package is not damaged. In case of any damage or shortage, write this on the carrier’s sheet in accordance with the actual condition and quantity of contents BEFORE you sign the freight bill or receiving note. Keep your copy attached with the invoice and make a claim to the transport company immediately. In any case, save the packing material until everything is settled. Anglo Parts checks goods while picking from stock and again while packing but the final check must be made by the customer himself at arrival. Make sure that the parts received match the ones you ordered and that mechanical parts function correctly. Do not wait with checking the goods until you actually need them and report problems within three days of receiving the goods. 


Almost all parts made for the classic car industry are made in small quantities by companies who are willing to do this at an acceptable price. We at Anglo Parts check the goods for approval but we are not able to inspect each individual product. It is the responsability of the user to make the final inspection of the part PRIOR TO fitting. Especially mechanical parts must be checked to make sure they are in perfect working condition. The warranty period starts from the invoice date, not from the installation date. Our parts carry normal and reasonable warranty but claims will be limited to the value of the component and in no case should cover labour, transport, failure of related component, failure resulting from faulty installation or parts being used for rally or competition. All products for warranty claim must be returned to the shop where you bought it by using the following procedures: the value must be over 7,5 euro, the goods must be sent back with shipping and taxes prepaid, all parts must be returned clean and well packed, once you or a third person has disassembled the part, our responsibility for it has ended. 
Anglo Parts will make the final decision of whether the unit was inherently defective or damaged during installation. We shall investigate this offer when we have received the goods back from you in undamaged condition. During the return these goods may not be damaged by poor packing or by transport. The warranty period for reconditionned parts is limited to 6 months and 4 months for rebuilt shock absorbers, most other parts are warranted against defects in material and workmanship by the original equipment manufacturer or by Anglo Parts nv for a period of one year starting with the date on the invoice. 


If you received an incorrect item, and the mistake is yours, we are willing to restock this item and we will credit the value of the goods less a 15% restocking charge. No returns will be accepted without your invoice copy, after 30 days from the invoice date, for bearings, pistons, piston rings, goods by meter, trim parts ( hoods, soft tops, tonneau covers, seat kits, panels etc.) books or any parts where installation has been attempted. Goods must be returned transport and taxes prepaid. Anglo Parts is not able to refund the taxes paid in the country of arrival, shipping or packing charges and commission we had to pay to the credit card company. You can use the value of this credit note again in a future order of the same value. We do not refund the value of credit notes. 


A surcharge will be added on the price for parts offered on an exchange basis. The surcharge price can be seen on the website in the catalogue parts lists and is listed in our pricelist near the part number related and will be invoiced pending the return of the old reservicable unit. This surcharge will be refunded in full providing that we receive the unit complete, clean, drained of oil and returned within two months of our invoice date. Please also provide a copy of our invoice. All returns must be sent back with full shipping charge prepaid. If you export the old unit to us, a letter should be sent to us with your name, address, telephone number, date of sending and description of the goods you are returning, including the surcharge value. Please make some copies and stick one on the parcel, one into the packing and keep one for yourself. We will need this information for importing the goods. Upon its arrival we will immediately check the following points: is the packing well done and has there been any damage during the transport, is the old unit similar to the type of unit we have sent to you (correct original), is the unit complete and are the essential parts rebuildable. Please do not send a MGA wiper motor for exchange with a TD wiper motor, do not send a distributor without the advance system. In this latter sample we will refund the surcharge for the distributor less the value (in our opinion) of the advance system. 


Goods that are not in stock at the time of your order will be kept in back order. We will inform you when these are available again and parts will be reserved for you for a period of fourteen days starting from the day you were informed. If you do not contact us within this period, we will put the part(s) back in our stock to be sold to other customers. By ordering you can also specify “No Back orders” or ask us to cancel all previous back orders. When a part you had on back order becomes obsolete, we will let you know as well. If you decide to take this part in used condition, please ask us and we will do our best to obtain it, if possible.