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Part N° 132.646

OIL DRIP PAN (120 X 64 CM)
AT-20 132.646 spare parts

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OIL DRIP PAN (120 X 64 CM)
AT-20 spare parts

The oil drip pan measures 120x64cm, making it a spacious and efficient tool for containing oil spills and drips. Crafted from durable and oil-resistant material, it ensures reliable performance and long-lasting use. Its size allows for accommodating larger machinery and vehicles, offering comprehensive coverage. To use the oil drip pan, simply place it beneath the target area, whether it's an engine, equipment, or a leaky pipe, providing a secure barrier to catch any oil or fluid leaks. Cleaning and maintenance are hassle-free, as the pan can be easily wiped clean or rinsed with water, making it ready for reuse in no time. It serves as an essential accessory for automotive workshops, industrial settings, or home garages, offering protection against environmental contamination and promoting a cleaner and safer work environment.

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