Käytämme evästeitä tarjotaksemme sinulle paremman käyttökokemuksen. Käyttämällä palveluitamme hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Tiettyjä toimintoja ei tueta, kun vierailet verkkosivustolla vanhentuneilla selaimilla.
How to store your classic car

Autumn checklist: classic car maintenance

by Anglo Parts
August 2023

As a classic car enthusiast, you are naturally concerned about the well-being and appearance of your favourite vehicle. You try to keep it in as good condition as possible and, of course, you want to minimise breakdowns. Especially in wet conditions and with limited visibility, like in autumn, this can be a challenge. Below are 5 tips that can ensure you don't fall prematurely into repairs and costs with your favourite vehicle.

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1. Avoid rust.
2. Use a car cover.
3. Improve your visibility. 
4. Lubricate the necessary parts.
5. Keep necessary parts and fluids in stock.

1. Avoid rust
Clean the underside of your car to prevent rust. Especially during wet autumn drives, some dirt can get left behind. You might want to pay special attention to the metal parts, rims and the underside of your car. Clean them thoroughly, so no mud remains. It's also important to keep the body of your car in a good condition. Check out our range of cleaning products from Auto Glym to keep the exterior of your car in excellent condition.

2. Use a car cover
Use a car cover to protect your classic car when you store it outside. This will protect your car from dirt and debris and it will also protect it from the sun's UV rays.

Car Covers (Outdoor)
Car cover outdoor
Small (366-415cm)

Car cover outdoor
Medium (416-458cm)

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3. Improve your visibility
Improve your visibility by changing your wipers in time. In cold weather, remove the wipers from the glass.
These can retain moisture and freeze solid against the window.
Wiper blades
Wiper blade
MGA (1955-1962)
MG Midget (1964-1980)
Austin Healey Sprite (1958-1964)
Austin Healey Sprite (1964-1980)
Austin Healey 100-4/6 & 3000 (1953-1968)
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When to change your wiper blades?
Look for these signs:
•    Streaks on your windscreen 
•    Stripes on your windscreen
•    Uncovered area

Rubber worn due
to bad weather.
Dirt on windscreen, hardened
wiper due to ageing.
Wear may cause the wiper to lift off the glass at high speed.

4. Lubricate the necessary parts

Lubricate necessary parts in time to avoid premature wear and tear. The better you maintain your car the longer it will last. Lubricate your carburettor to avoid a stalling engine and replenish the necessary fluids such as brake fluid and the gearbox fluid in time. Also lubricate your transmission parts. Gear oil is specially made to prevent friction between gears and transmission parts. Use gear oil 30 to top up your gearbox fluid or to replace your gearbox oil completely.

Gear oil 30 (1L) / Penrite can be used in vintage, veteran and classic gearboxes, including straight, synchro and epicyclic gearboxes, overdrives and vehicles equipped with pre-selector gearboxes.

Consult your classic car manual to see what other parts need to be lubricated.
Gear oil GB30, Penrite (1l)

Carburettor lubricant
Damper oil, SU Penrite (150ml)

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5. Keep necessary parts and fluids in stock
Which parts wear out quickly and what should you definitely stock for your classic car?

Spark plugs

Cable ties, fuses, relays
Other car models

Jump leads
Battery charger
Starter cables

Motor oils

Front and back lights
Batteries and brake lights

Cables & switches

Alternators and starters
Wosp Performance

Coolants & additives

Wire wheel remover
Oil change tools
Other tools