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MG oldtimer parts

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About our MG oldtimer spare parts

With a vast range of high-quality MG oldtimer spare parts (most of them in stock), we're here to give your beloved classic MG car(s) the care it deserves.  We are a British Motor Heritage certified company, meaning we have parts that are manufactured according to the original specifications and drawings of the original manufacturer. This way we stay true to the original MG spirit. Our British classic MG models include MGTC, MGTD, MGA, MGB, MGC, MG Midget and MGF. 

Overview of our classic MG models

We have all the parts you need. Ranging from interior to exterior, engine parts or accessories. We have all the knowledge, a complete catalogue with accompanying diagrams and exploded-view drawings to help you on your way in your search for the right part(s). Still can't find what you need? Contact us!

Supplier of Top Quality MG Oldtimer Spare Parts

Improve the quality and functionality of your car with our MG parts - upgrade your classic today

Are you the proud owner of a vintage MG, in search of top-quality spare parts? Look no further. Anglo Parts nv specialises in high-quality replacement parts, reproductions and accessories for your MG classic car, servicing a range of models including the MGA, MGB, MGC, MG Midget, MGF-TF, and many more.

We understand the importance of good maintenance for a classic like the MG. We offer only the finest quality products sourced from brands such as CSI Ignition, Wosp Performance, Auto Glym, and Draper Tools. We have proven expertise and many years of experience working with acclaimed names in the business.

Looking for a specific part for your vintage car? Browse through our extensive catalogue, where you can find everything you need to maintain and potentially enhance your MG. Our inventory includes items from Books & Accessories, Maintenance & Storage, to Workshop Tools, Convertible Top & Hardtop and Engine Parts. Our range is so vast, you will certainly find something to fulfil every requirement.

Unsure of the correct part for your unique MG? No problem. Our team of experts is available to guide you in your search for the optimal part. With our personalised support, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice for your beloved vintage MG.

What sets us apart from other MG spare parts suppliers? One word: Authenticity. As a recognised specialist by British Motor Heritage, you can trust us to provide reliable, genuine services. Each spare part we offer is an authentic reproduction of the original part.

So, how do we preserve the incredible driving experience that comes with owning an MG classic car? At Anglo Parts nv, we combine innovative approaches to spare part production with the unique features of the products we offer. Our parts not only improve your MG's performance, but also prolong its service life, allowing you to fully enjoy the essence of your MG worry-free.

Intrigued? Ready to take your beloved MG to the next level with our top-quality spare parts? We will take care of the next steps for you. Dive into our comprehensive catalogue online, choose the parts you need, and place your order. Before you know it, your desired parts will be on their way to your home.

At Anglo Parts nv, we not only care for your MG, we care for you. It is our mission to enhance your driving experience and extend the life of your treasured vintage car. For us, it's all about the passion for quality.

Visit our website and browse our extensive catalogue to experience the top quality of our products for yourself. Purchase your MG classic car parts from Anglo Parts nv today and start enriching your driving experience.

FAQ's, what our customers want to know about our MG oldtimer spare parts

1. Are Anglo Parts NV Spare Parts Compatible with All MG Models?
Our selection of spare parts is meticulously curated to ensure they fit a wide range of MG models. Whether you have an MG TC, MG TD, MGA, MGB, MG Midget or MGF-TF, an early or later version, our parts are designed to be compatible with your MG model.

2. How Can I Verify the Authenticity of Spare Parts from Anglo Parts NV?
Our spare parts are divided into three primary types: premium after market components, superior reproductions, and authentic parts sourced from authorized dealers. Each type ensures the exceptional quality and dependability you require for your classic vehicle. We collaborate with reputable suppliers who have extensive experience in this industry, spanning several decades. These suppliers utilize original blueprints and manuals furnished by the original manufacturer of your MG, ensuring precision and authenticity in every part.

3. What is the Importance of British Motor Heritage Approval for Classic Car Owners?
British Motor Heritage approval is a hallmark of quality that indicates the spare parts adhere to the original specifications and standards of classic British vehicles. This approval ensures that the parts you purchase are of the highest quality and are faithful to the original designs, based on the original specifications of the original manufacturer of your classic MG.

4. Can I Return Spare Parts if They Do Not Fit My MGB?
Absolutely. We offer a straightforward return policy for your convenience. If the parts are unused and in their original condition, you can return them within the designated timeframe. For more details, please visit our Returns & Refunds page.

5. Does Anglo Parts NV Offer Installation Services for Spare Parts?
While we don't directly provide installation services, we can connect you with trusted specialists who are experts in the maintenance and restoration of British classic cars. Our team is also available to offer advice and support to help you through the installation process. You can find more information on our Extra Services page. Additionally, for those who prefer a DIY approach, we provide fitting guides in PDF format, available on our Fitting Guide page.
Why should you trust Anglo Parts nv as your supplier?

  • • British Motor Heritage Approved
  • • Personal contact/specialist
  • • More than 40 years of expertise
  • • Restoration expertise
  • • Fast delivery
Image of a British classic car part. Detail of an MG Sebring wings and body.
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