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MGTD-TF 1949-1955 - MG - náhradní díly | Webshop Anglo Parts

Car Parts and Accessories for Your MG TD

Discover Quality Parts for Your MG TD at Anglo Parts NV: Your Reliable Supplier, Recognized by British Motor Heritage

The MG TD, famed for its sleek design and iconic features, epitomizes the golden age of British sports cars. Yet, restoring and maintaining such British classics can pose challenges. Here, Anglo Parts NV can assist as a specialist in offering restoration solutions and as a supplier of high-quality classic car parts and accessories.

Why Choose Anglo Parts NV?

We take pride in our status as a recognized specialist by British Motor Heritage. This signifies our recognition as a trustworthy partner by the British authority in the realm of classic cars, delivering parts that remain faithful to the British heritage of classic cars. But what sets us apart from other suppliers?

  • Quality Assurance: We understand the importance of authenticity in classic cars. Our parts undergo thorough quality checks by our suppliers or manufacturers to uphold the highest standards and preserve the integrity of your MG TD. Our suppliers work with original drawings and specifications. The production of the parts is sometimes done by hand (Craftsmanship), but often assisted by the latest technologies, allowing for further process improvements and more precise parts manufacturing.

  • Extensive Catalogue: Searching for that one spare part? Our comprehensive MG TD catalogue features a wide range of parts and accessories, making Anglo Parts NV your ultimate destination for all your restoration needs.

Explore the Catalogue: Finding the Ideal Spare Part

Download the PDF of our MG TD catalogue (190.067) on our website, featuring an extensive array of parts you need for your restoration projects. Our user-friendly website enables effortless navigation through categories, making it easier to search for specific spare parts, from engine components to body and interior parts.

  • Heritage Approval Seal: Your Guarantee of Authenticity

When you purchase a part from Anglo Parts NV, you're not just investing in a part but in authenticity. The approval from British Motor Heritage of our Anglo Parts enterprise ensures compliance with the original specifications of the MG TD, thus guaranteeing authenticity, seamless integration, and optimal performance where possible.

  • Personalised Service: Preserving Memories, One Part at a Time

Anglo Parts NV understands that restoring classic cars is more than just a mechanical endeavor; it's a journey filled with nostalgia. We'll strive to provide the parts that revive the glory of your MG TD and thus contribute to preserving your cherished heritage.

Customer Testimonials: Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

Our Google reviews attest to the quality of our parts and the expertise of our customer service. Your satisfaction remains our primary objective.

Conclusion: Embrace the Legacy of Your MG TD with Anglo Parts NV

We're a reliable ally in restoring your MG TD or in sourcing parts for your favourite classic car. With steadfast commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, we aim to ensure that every spare part you purchase enhances the enduring allure of your classic car.

Frequently Asked Questions: Your Queries Answered

  • Are all parts at Anglo Parts NV authentic? As sellers of parts for classic cars, we commit to our customers to guarantee the quality and authenticity of all our parts. We offer a selection of top-quality aftermarket items, replicas, or authentic spare parts and accessories directly from authorised dealers.

  • How can I check if spare parts are compatible with my MG TD model? Our website provides detailed information and compatibility guides to assist you in selecting the right spare part for your specific MG TD model. Visit our fitting instructions page: link

  • Do you offer international shipping for spare parts? Yes, we offer international shipping, allowing classic car enthusiasts worldwide access to authentic MG TD parts. Fast delivery is our priority. Anglo Parts NV ensures swift delivery of spare parts via reputable courier services. Orders placed before 4:00 pm (in stock) are dispatched within 2 to 3 working days. For customers in Belgium (near the main warehouse), orders placed before 3:00 pm are delivered the next day.

  • Can I return a spare part if it doesn't meet expectations? Yes, you can. However, we have a strict return policy. Find more information about the policy on our website: link

  • Is there a warranty on spare parts purchased at Anglo Parts NV? Our trusted suppliers often provide warranties on their spare parts, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the quality of our products. Consult the manual or packaging of the purchased product for more information on the warranty of the item.