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Open Day 2023 aftermovie

A big thank you to all participants!
We would like to thank everyone who made this event possible.
Visit our You Tube Channel for a look at our aftermovie.

About our Open Day

On Saturday 22 April 2023, we held our annual open day. This year's theme was 100 years of MG. To celebrate this anniversary, we invited some special MGs to take place in line-up on our car park. Those invited included an MG Coune convertible, an MG L1 Salonette, MGJ2, an MGJ4, an MGTA racer, an MG RV8 and several other rare MG cars.

Apart from this special MGs, around seven old-timer clubs were also present. Among them were the Jaguar Drivers Club Belgium, Austin Healey club, MG Club Belgique Sud, The English Drivers Guild vzw and TR Register Belgium, exhibiting their most beautiful cars.

We also invited 3 classic car experts (Garage Soret, Garage MG Service '50 - '80, Mechanic Heritage) who know all about the do's and don'ts related to the restoration of your favourite car.

Every classic car owner or enthusiast was invited to enjoy this international heritage.
Anyone interested in (British) classic cars and looking for parts could also enjoy a 10% discount on all parts in stock.
You could also consult our experts in the shop or our participating garages and clubs.

Food & drinks
Option guided tour warehouse
Expertise of our sales staff
Interesting promos
Music & conviviality
Despite the bad weather, there was an unseen turnout. Our car park and the surrounding streets were completely full.
With more than 450 attendees, the event was an unseen success. Regional television (RTV) also stopped by and made an extensive report. You can watch it here (Dutch).
Many thanks to all attendees, to the organization, sympathizers, enthusiasts, classic car clubs, garages, employees, friends and family.
You were all there to help shape this event.

We hope to see you again next time at the British classic car event of the year!

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Shop and warehouse
For those interested, there was also a tour of our warehouse that day. Anglo Parts is a modern international global player in the distribution of new and second-hand (British) classic car parts. During the tour, our operations were thoroughly explained.

Our shop was packed. All customers received 2 free refreshments and there was a 10% discount on all products in stock.

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