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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the shipping costs ?

We cannot supply you with fixed shipping costs, due to the nature of our products. The products we sell differ in size and weight and in some cases can be very large and heavy. In most cases the products will fit into a standard size parcel and the shipping costs are low. After your parts have being packed, we calculate the best possible price/delivery time possible. We always try to keep the shipping costs as low as possible. If you wish to know these shipping costs before we send your order, please contact the branch, where you placed you order.

When will my parts arrive ?

After placing your order and your payment has been processed, you will normally receive your parts (parts in stock) within 1-2 working days if supplied to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany from our central warehouse. In all other cases count on 2-4 working days. In some cases this can be a shorter or longer period, depending on the payment method, chosen branch and where you live. Parts that are not in stock will be placed on a backorder list. When the part is back in stock, you will be informed and the part is held in reservation for you for fourteen days from that date onwards.

What if a part is not in stock ?

When a part is not in stock it is still possible to order the part in the parts lists. When placing orders on parts not in stock, you can choose "backorders required" on the check-out page. We will then open a backorder list for you. We will inform you when these parts are available again and parts will be reserved for you for a period of fourteen days starting from the day you were informed.

What if a part is no longer available (NA)?

Some parts are very hard to come by, as they are no longer produced and the second-hand market is shrinking. If you need a certain part, please contact your local salesperson and we will try to find the part you need. In many cases this is second hand and will need revising and or renovating. When contacting your local salesperson, please mention the Anglo Parts catalogue, page N° and Part N°.

When do I pay and how do I pay ?

When ordering online you have a choice of payment methods. These can differ, depending on which branch you are ordering from and where you live. In most cases you can choose between Advanced bank payment, Mastercard, Visa and in some cases C.O.D. (Cash on delivery).
When you send your order, you are not immediately billed for your order, this is done after calculating the shipping costs. When you have selected bank payment, you will receive an email containing the amount to pay and reference number.

Why are the quantities different for each product and can I change this ?

The quantities noted in the parts lists are the required quantity to replace or fix the part. You can change these quantities to your requirements.
Please note that some part numbers are for kits or groups instead of single parts.

Can I collect my parts ?

Yes you can collect your parts. When placing your order, you can choose collect parts or ship parts. You can also choose from the different branches available to you.

What do all the letters mean in the column "situ." in the parts lists

In our online parts lists you will find the column "Situ.", this refers to the situation of the product. When it is blank, the part is standard available. 

The following abbreviations are used in this column: SH : - SECOND HAND PARTS, EX : - supplied on an EXCHANGE BASIS, and a SURCHARGE will be invoiced. NA : - Currently NOT AVAILABLE. POR : PRICE ON REQUEST.

Other abbreviations used in our parts lists: 
LH : - LEFT HAND or RH : - RIGHT HAND. Always viewed from the drivers seat. LHD : - LEFT HAND DRIVE, RHD : RIGHT HAND DRIVE, USE : - the Part N° has been replaced by another Part N° that is indicated.