Part N° 082.001
DYNAMO C40 N-¦22715
DYNAMO ASSEMBLY, less pulley. ‘C40’ marked. Alternative from Lucas (type n’22715). View detail for more info!

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EUR incl. VAT 131.38


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  • Info: INFO A new dynamo must be polarizated before fitting. Read carefully the instructions before fitting. A) Bolt the dynamo to the engine. DO NOT connect the cables to the ‘D’ and ‘F’ terminals. • B) See what battery terminal is earth, + or - • C) Temporarily connect a length of wire to the battery negative terminal for a positive earth system or the positive terminal for a negative earth system. • D) Push the other end of the wire several times against terminal ‘F’. This re-polarises the dynamo. • E ) Remove the temporary wire connection and connect the original car wiring cables to ‘D’ end ‘F’ terminals.