Part N° 030.206
DIFF ASS. 93- 24 SPL
Rebuilt differential assembly, 24 splines - Td5 1999 -on. All our rebuild diffs have four new taper roller bearings, new oil seal and new drive flange when needed, the ring and pinions are inspected for wear and damage and if they look OK and set up OK with marking blue they are reused, if not, new are fitted.

EUR excl. VAT 537.24
EUR incl. VAT 650.06

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  • Exchange base, surcharge price is (excl. VAT): 128.70 EUR
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  • Info: The Rover type diff comes in 10 or 24 spline, 4 bolt drive flange, 3.54 ratio and imperial or metric, please use list below to identify your model. The core charge for this unit is listed in your pricelist, refundable on receipt of your exchange unit which must be like for like, complete and not stripped. Surcharges will apply if your exchange unit is not as detailed above.